Artist Statement

My work has two bifurcations.  On one hand, it is an exploration of the gaze when it is directed towards the unconscious.  I am profoundly interested in the fragmentation of the being when facing the impossible, oblivion, the loss of an ideal, of a beloved person or meaning.  I address the suspicion of the non-existence of a unified identity of the individual.  In my artistic process, I try to create images which have a pictorial reference and reveal the fragility of the human being, fighting to maintain an emotional firmness.  Trying to understand the relationship between the present and the past.  Recognizing the small truths that constitute life.

In my recent work, I explore the crossing of one culture by another and involve the combinations, the omissions and the fading away of a culture.  I explore the interpretation of mythologies, as meta-narratives that offer responses to the questions about the origin and fate of the human being.  Through these interpretations, the creativity and mediation of different cultures on our own way of understanding the world is evidenced.